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Centralised Partnering for Accountants

The centralised partner model is an option for practices with succession problems or those who wish to expand.

What is centralised partnering?

Centralised partnering is a unique opportunity offered by Proctor Partnerships. The system works by having a “centralised partner” who takes care of practice administration and non-charge activities which take up a large proportion of a practice’s time. Participating offices/practices will service their clients as normal and look after the standard process of accounts production, tax returns, and handling local sales and marketing requirements.

Centralised Partnering model

Benefits of centralised partnering

  • Time consuming, costly and complex administration duties are addressed centrally for all participating offices/practices
  • Much of the pressure of running a practice removed
  • More time to service clients
  • Opening up margins and levels of recovery
  • Clients have continuity if partners from a satellite office decide to retire
  • Peace of mind

Interested in centralised partnering?

We have practices ready to act as your centralised partner, so get in touch now. Alternatively, if you’d like to become a centralised partner for a particular region we’d also like to hear from you.

Find out more about our free consultation and process.

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Popular Centralised Partnership FAQs

  • Q:
    Where has this model been done before? Are many practices currently wanting to implement the model?

    This model has been operating (pre Web, Cloud etc) for over 30 years throughout the North East with up to satellite 15 offices linked to a central hub or head office. There are practices throughout Yorkshire, Cheshire and Lancashire currently implementing (or wanting to implement) the model.

  • Q:
    What is the “charge” for Centralised Partnering Service? Is it taken from profit share?

    There is no management fee charged by the “hub” or head office. It is inherent in the profit share.

  • Q:
    How is profit share valued, calculated, distributed?

    The hub or head office will have a share of the profit from each office 25%, 40% or even 100%. The profit share % age is negotiated for each office’s individual circumstance. This provides a flexible solution for many offices with succession/exit issues.

  • Q:
    Why do it through Proctor Partnerships? What are the alternatives and who else is doing it?

    Proctor Partnerships are working with practices who have over 30 years experience operating a Centralised Partnering model. Some larger/national firms have embarked on the model but invariably in a large national environment each office does not have autonomy and control over its staff, operational procedures, marketing etc. With Centralised Partnering each office may have only relinquished 25% or 40% or profit share, thus overall control is still retained within that local office.

  • Q:
    Is there any central marketing for the Group?

    Many offices prefer to retain their individual identity, it is this and the local service that their existing clients recognise. However marketing help from the hub or head office may be available if requested.

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Latest accountancy practice listings

Ref no.LocationTypeServiceGRFStatus
NA8HWBUPUKLimited CompanyCentralised partneringIn negotiationsRequest details
VC8HOGNDNationwideLimited CompanyCentralised partnering900k+In negotiationsRequest details
LNTKRT3LEast Anglia,SuffolkLimited Liability PartnershipBuying, Fee acquisition, Centralised partneringLess than 200kNew opportunityRequest details
QPXQ5BDDNorth West and LeicestershireLimited CompanyBuying, Centralised partnering451-550kNew opportunityRequest details
RFOYVFBRLondon, Midlands and Southern England Limited CompanyCentralised partnering, Centralised partnering900k+In negotiationsRequest details
RHN4A2BRChesterLimited CompanyBuying, Fee acquisition, Centralised partnering301-450kNew opportunityRequest details
JOUFYSBXNorthPartnershipCentralised partnering900k+In negotiationsRequest details