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Please see below for an overview of our typical fees.

Free consultation
This involves a meeting with the partners/sole practitioner and discussing many aspects of the practice as well as partners' aspirations, strategy and succession/exit requirements.

Engagement fee £875 +VAT
This is refundable in the event of successful deal conclusion within 24 months.We will provide detailed questionnaire to create practice profile."Hand holding" through each selling/acquiring stage,structure a tailored deal for each candidate and provice draft contract templates.

Acquisition, sale or merger fee 2.0% of Agreed Consideration
Each party pays 2.0% (minimum £2,000) and invariably this is based on a factor of Gross Recurring Fee income (GRF)or Profit Before Tax (PBT). 

Centralised partnering
The cost of a Centralised Partnering solution will be discussed at the free consultation phase.